Purchasing and selling

After trading onions for years, today Bowa is proud of its extensive network of growers. The latter provide nothing but supreme quality. Our people and the partners we join hands with visit growers on a regular basis to assess quality. Provided onions meet Bowa’s highest quality requirements, our team will proceed to buy yellow as well as red onions.

From growers to packers

The onions that we buy have to go through several stages. We make sure they are cleaned properly, removing the leaves. Then, onions are selected by size. During this process we perform a number of manual checks to guarantee outstanding quality. Onions are packed in packages of 4 up to 25 kilograms. Alternatively, they may be delivered in big bags or bulk bags (separately).


Once onions are packed, they are ready for shipment. Bowa sends off clean onions to every corner of the world, observing customers’ wishes and requirements, but also separately onboard trucks. Together with the customer, we decide on the most suitable delivery method. Before onions are transported, an external advisor will perform a random check.