About us

On the 1st of January 1990, Bowa started as an onion company in Waarde, a village in the Dutch province of ´╗┐Zeeland. Over the years, Bowa has grown into an important player in the market.

We are specialized in buying and selling yellow and red onions. We have an extensive network across the world, which enables us to process 50.000 tons of onions every single year.´╗┐ 


BOWA BV is customer-focused

Due to our customer-focused approach, we successfully distinguish ourselves in the market. Thanks to our advanced equipment, we can process the onions. The onions are cleaned, whereby the foliage is also removed. The onions also pass a manual check, so that the most beautiful onions remain.

To find out more about Bowa, please feel free to contact our firm. We will be delighted to discuss our services and explain how we might be able to join hands.