About us

On 1 January 1990 Bowa came into existence, trading in onions in a village known as Waarde, in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Through the years, we succeeded in becoming a key player on the market. We specialise in buying and selling red and yellow onions, boasting an extensive network across the globe. It means we are capable of monitoring the entire buying and selling process to perfection, handling 50,000 tons of onions every single year.

BOWA BV customer-focused

Our customer-oriented approach helps us successfully stand out on the market. And because of our state-of-the- art gear, we are perfectly able to process onions according to the highest quality requirements. The steps are the following: wash and clean onions, remove leaves, perform manual checks, select nothing but the very best onions. To find out more about Bowa, please feel free to address our firm. We will be delighted to discuss our services and explain how we might be able to join hands.