Onion export to Italy

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Bowa B.V. enables onion export from The Netherlands to Italy. We clean, remove the foliage, and sort over 50.000 tons of onions by size and quality every year. This enabled us to grow into one of the leading companies worldwide when it comes to the distribution of onions, for example onion export to Italy. Would you like to know how we are able to distribute onions so effectively? Continue reading to find out.

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Onion expert to Italy via various methods of transportation

Would you like to export Dutch onions to Italy? We offer various methods of transportation to make sure you will receive the onions in the most ideal way possible. You could have the onions packed in big bags, smaller bags or have them delivered separately in the back of a truck. It is entirely up to you, but we are more than happy to advise you on the matter. Together, we will decide on the most suitable delivery method for the export of onions to Italy.

Choose your preferred type of onion

As onion supplier, offer both red onions and yellow onions. These types of onions are both suitable for export to Italy and other countries in Europe. So, make your choice and contact us. You can contact us by calling 0113 503 000, by sending an email to info@bowabv.nl or by filling out our contact form.