Dutch onions

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Would you like to import Dutch onions? Bowa B.V. is a Dutch onion company and onion supplierfor wholesale all over the world. Our family business originated in 1990 and has since then grown into an important player on the worldwide market. The fact that we combine a customer-focused approach with onions of the highest quality enabled us to grow into the onion factory we are today. Continue reading to find out how we produce the Dutch onions in our factory and how our company serves as an onion supplier for wholesale organizations all over the world.

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The process our Dutch onions go through

First of all, the onions are collected from the farmer and brought to our factory. When they arrive at our company, the Dutch onions are weighed and dried in our facility. Once they are dry, they can be processed. The onions are cleaned, foliage gets removed and they are sorted by size. We distinguish four different sizes, so you will surely be able to order the size you are looking for. The sizes are then sorted by quality and loaded into packs of 4 or 25 kilograms. They could also be packed in big bags or in bulk. Before the onions are ready for distribution, they are randomly checked for quality by an external consultant. This way, we ensure the highest quality as a supplier of onions. Afterwards, the Dutch onions are ready to be shipped to wholesale companies all over the world. 

Store your goods with us

We are an onion company, but we are not only active as a factory and supplier of Dutch onions for wholesale all over the world. You are also able to store your goods in the storage boxes we have for rent from November to June. These storage boxes are both wind- and waterproof, enabling you to store any goods you might want to store. We offer boxes of varying sizes and prices. Please get in touch with us to find out more about rental and to discuss the possibilities.

Enjoy our high-end onions

Are you interested in the Dutch onions our company offers for wholesale? Please get in touch with the employees at our onion factory to find out more about our services as a supplier. We are more than happy to provide you with additional information regarding onion export throughout Europe and the import of onions within your country. You can reach us by calling 0113 503 000, by sending an email to info@bowabv.nl or by filling out our contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible if you decide to fill in our contact form, also to discuss the possibilities to rent a storage box.