Onion sales

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Bowa B.V. is specialized in onion sales and helps deliver onions to the worldwide market. Count on us to supply you with the highest possible quality as we process over 50.000 tons of onions every year. Therefore, we can provide any number of onions you need. Trust on us to combine quality products with an excellent customer service for our clients worldwide. Do you want to know more about our company and serviced? Continue reading to find out more about our services regarding onion sales.

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Onion sales with a customer-focused approach

Customer satisfaction is one of our onion factory’s main goals, which is why we operate using a customer-serviced approach during onion sales. Do you have a specific type of onion in mind for import or export? Share all your wishes regarding the quality, size and onion type with us, as well as your preferred packaging and method of transportation. As an experienced onion supplier, we will gladly advice you on these matters for our sales of onions all across Europe. This excellent service does not translate to a higher price of onion export. Count on us to offer onions for wholesale at a competitive price.

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Are you interested in onion sales, and would you like to become one of our satisfied customers all over the world? We will gladly tell you more about our high-quality onions and our competitive prices. Please contact us by calling 0113 503 000, by sending an email to info@bowabv.nl or by filling out our contact form to learn more.