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Would you like to import Dutch onions? Bowa B.V. offers both red and yellow onions of the highest quality and distributes them across the world. The fact that we only offer the best Dutch onions for import has resulted in a large worldwide network and us being one of the important players on the market. Continue reading and find out more about the import of Dutch onions from our family business.

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As a Dutch onion factory, we use advanced equipment to clean, de-leaf and sort over 50.000 tons of onions every year. Therefore, you can import large numbers of Dutch onions. You can share your preferred size and type with us, and we will make sure you will receive exactly the type of onion you asked for. Do you want to import yellow onions? We will make sure you receive only the highest quality onions. Are you instead looking to import red onions? You can order these from us as well. Count on our customer-focused approach and the trust many other companies have placed in us as their supplier of onions in Europe.

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Would you like to know more about buying and selling onions, or would you like to import Dutch onions to your country right away? Please contact us in both cases. You can reach our employees by calling 0113 503 000, by sending an email to or by filling out our contact form. We are more than happy to inform you about the possibilities of importing our high-quality onions and to answer any questions you might have.