Onion export to Germany

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Are you looking for a company that can help you with onion export to Germany? Bowa B.V. can be of service. We deliver cleaned, de-leafed, sorted, and packed onions to a large worldwide network, fully according to the wishes and needs of our customers. Would you like to experience our customer-focused approach for yourself? Please ask for more information.

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Professional onion export to Germany and the rest of Europe

We specialize in the sales of onions all over the world. You are sure to receive onions of the highest quality when we export our onions to you in Germany, as we perform several quality checks, even by an external advisor. This thorough check for quality does not translate to a higher price, as we offer our onions for wholesale at an attractive price. The attractive price combined with the highest quality and best service is why our extensive worldwide network trusts us with the export of onions.

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Would you like to know more about the export of our Dutch onions to Germany? Please contact us by calling 0113 503 000, by sending an email to info@bowabv.nl or by filling out our contact form. We are more than happy to tell your more about our company and the products and services we offer.