Yellow onion export

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Bowa B.V. can help you with yellow onion export. We have been cleaning, de-leafing and sorting onions since 1990. Nowadays, we process over 50.000 tons of onions every year, making us one of the biggest players on the market. Continue reading to find out more about our yellow onions and how to export them.

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Yellow onion export for a large worldwide network

Over the years, we have built a large network of farmers, who supply us with both yellow and red onions for export. The yellow onions have a golden exterior, while they are white on the inside. The yellow onion has a rich flavor and is perfectly suitable to cook and incorporate in your dishes. You are sure to receive yellow onions of the highest quality from us, as we subject them to multiple checks of quality during the process of buying and selling.

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Would you like to import our yellow onions into your country? Please contact us by calling 0113 503 000, by sending an email to or by filling out our contact form. We would be delighted to inform you about yellow onion export and the other onions we sell.